Hey all!

The 5th GMC jam started today and we’re hard at work putting together an insane concept that I hope we can pull off. I’ll explain more about it later on (so that no one is tempted to steal it, of course ;D), but to provide a brief summary:

-The interface is a world map of 7 nations. Your goal is to take over the world without alarming the other nations.

It’s very in-depth, potentially too ambitious, and I love the concept. I’ll post updates as we go!



Starting the game HUD…


Bogged down by the complexity of the project, taking a breather while I wait for Tangleworm and Worthington to become available again so we can reassess this mess. HAH, I rhyme.


Ditched the previous concept (Luls), we’ve spent the past few hours working on a new idea. Here’s a screenshot from it after about 4 hours in.



Almost done working on this game. I’m happy to have been able to get this game presentable, there was a point last night where I wasn’t really sure. I might do a little bit tomorrow, but I have school all day and I don’t want to leave anything that long if it can be helped. Here’s a look at how things are coming:


Note: some placeholder art is still visible, obviously. Hopefully Tangleworm can finish those tonight. If not, I’ll cook something up.

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