You Monster Tutorial & Credits

You Monster

Made in 72 for GMC Jam #5

Thanks for taking the time to check out our jam game!

I’d strongly advise you read through the entire tutorial, otherwise you might end up a bit confused when it comes to playing the actual game!

You Monster is a game set in a small portion of a big city over the course of an undefined number of days. During the daytime, your goal is to persuade as many people to follow you as possible.

You do this by:

(Moving with the arrow keys)

1. Bribing (Z key) – affects entire groups, low success rate

2. Threatening (X key) – high success rate, but if it fails all shadows will disappear temporarily

3. Charming (C key) – high success rate, but if it fails you will move slower for a short while

Depending on the level of each separate skill, your chance of success will vary.

As the day progresses into the evening (6 pm), you must lead your followers into a darkened area (indicated by shadows).

When it turns to night, you will become a dreadful monster and will consume your entire following.

Each person you consume will give you EXP, which you can use to upgrade your skills. (Clicking on each respective button. You will know if you can upgrade by a “+” next to the skill’s level) Apart from eating your followers at night, you can also collect EXP orbs that are scattered across the map.

Be warned, though. A team of police officers are patrolling the city, looking for you. If they spot you, you have a short time window to escape before it’s game over.

Be aware: as your kill count rises, police will begin appearing during the day. You must avoid them, the same as you do at night.

The game has no definite ending; you are free to increase your skills as far as you want. The better your skills, the more followers you’ll have come night time.



Klassic – Programming, design, sound

Tangleworm – Art, design

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