You Monster Post Mortem

Good evening, mentlegen and dalies.

If you’ve been following along, you’ll know that Tangleworm and I spent this past weekend working on a game for the GMC Game Jam #5. If you haven’t been following along… now you know.

We decided kind of last moment to join this jam. I hadn’t worked on a jam for a whole month (horrors) and I wanted to put together something fun and not-Ascension-related. Tangleworm showed interest in helping out this time around, and we put some sparse plans together. As per usual.

We were all online when the theme was announced, the theme being facade. Worthington was around for the original discussions on Friday afternoon, and the three of us came up with a fantastic concept:

-It’s a world map game akin to something like Risk/Civilization

-Your goal is to conquer the world without angering any other nations, using bribery and, well, facades

-Random world events will occur each turn

-Nations will respond to actions taken against/with other countries (eg. you conquer a nation, its trading partners will be mad)


We all liked the idea (still do), but after about 4 hours of working I came to a bit of an obvious realization. There was no way we were getting this done in 72 hours. Period.

SO, we ditched the idea around midnight and went to sleep promising to come up with something more reasonable. Woke up the next morning with a pretty neat idea. I pitched it to Tangleworm who agreed that it was totally radical and we got to work.

Cue montage of about 18 hours, interrupted by two work shifts and then school. It was a 72 hour jam, but we were only able to utilize about 20 hours total. Not an optimal situation, but we wanted to jam and being at a disadvantage wasn’t going to stop us. Probably.

Anyways, we got working and slowly got the game into a presentable condition. There was a point on Saturday night when I was having serious doubts about the game, but we pulled it off and finished what I think is a pretty damn good game, considering the time we had to work on it. It seems like a handful of people in the GMC agree with us, because we presently have 3 first place votes and a possibility of winning. It’s exciting, but it’s more of a motivational thing than a “omg we get prizes lol!” I like to know that our efforts paid off and that people do indeed enjoy what we make.

We’re considering working more on You Monster once Ascension is finished; only time will tell with that one. I’ll let you all know how we fare in the voting (ends on the 10th).

If you’re interested in checking out the game for yourself, you can download it RIGHT HERE. I strongly advise that you read the tutorial (directly below this post) before playing. Seriously. Do it.


See you all soon!


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