Ascension Phase Two (WOO)

Attempting to make posts more visual, brace yourselves.

An interesting fun fact for everyone: We’ve been working on Ascension (on and off, of course) for 10 months now. Considering the fact that we’re all just highschool know-it-alls, that’s quite the accomplishment. Or at least I think so. I’m really proud of what we’ve been able to create in that time, and while there are things I wish I’d done better, I can’t beat myself down for not being perfect.

Around October of 2011, we released the Ascension Demo to ye old internet to see what people liked and didn’t like. The response was overwhelmingly positive, and motivated us to create a finished product that would improve on the complaints while keeping the fear. Not an easy task, but well worth the effort.

For the past 3 months or so, we’ve been doing two things:

1. We’ve been fixing the issues people had with the demo. Things like the HUD being confusing, the game being too dark.

2. We’ve been boxing out the full game. The screenshots you’re seeing are of parts of the game that are more complete than the rest. Most of the levels we have developed right now are empty and boring. We’re doing this so that starting this week, we can work on the storyline and atmosphere without worrying about any programming issues.

This is the first project we’ve had to do something like this; all our other games were small enough to not need proper planning. It’ll all pay off, though. This is gearing up to be our best game EVER!!!

As of midday Saturday (Feb. 4th), we’ve finished boxing out the game. The skeleton is in place, and now it’s time for the fun stuff.

What are we going to do now? Well, our first step is to finalize the story and write the script. Once we have that done, we can use it as a basis for the game’s atmosphere, pacing and gameplay. There are a few design issues we have yet to puzzle out, like combat, but in order to test then properly we need to build an environment where they can be tested.

If I had to guess, I’d say we should have this phase finished in two to three months, less if we stay as motivated as we are now. After that, only two things remain: testing and polish.

(Illuminated here is the fantastic portrait of Atty, drawn by Tangleworm)

As always, I’ll keep you guys closely updated with our progress. We’re going to (hopefully) be moving quickly from this point on, and our progress will actually be somewhat visual, so I’ll have a lot to show off on the blog.

Exciting times are abound, comrades. See you soon!



PS: Our Twitter is lonely, follow us and join the everlasting party!


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