You Monster Results and Progress!

Typed post mortem and then realized I’d already written one…

Whatsup everyone! The GMC Jam 5 is officially over and the results are out!

We placed….

11th! Again!

I’m both happy and sad. Happy, because we didn’t do any worse, sad because we didn’t do any better. Although there were more entries this time, and we got 3 first place votes, so I guess I can be satisfied about that.

I can definitely say I learned something from this Jam: Don’t make really really complex games and a shit tutorial

What do I mean? Watch this video by Raocow (casually plugging, by the way)


That’s probably what killed our game’s chances. We got some people who totally understood the game and the rest who didn’t get it at all.  Next time, we’ll be sure to avoid making that mistake.

So what comes next, you ask? Well, I’m working on updating You Monster as a bit of a side-project. If I’m not lazy, I’ll get the update out tomorrow or the next day. In the mean time, have some pretty screenshots of version 2:

As you can see, I went overboard and added some weather effects into the game. Why not!

More on Ascension coming soon, don’t worry. We’re making some nice progress and you’ll see some more screenshots soon. I might pick up that Screenshot Saturday thing, we’ll see.



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