Woss Goen Ahn?

Hello dearest peons, I have an update!

You don’t get any pictures today, because I am nega-ScreenshotSaturday. Or something.

We’ve been busy with schooling and other boring stuff, but an interesting scenario has hit us with a teacher/professor/whatever job strike, giving us 5 days with not much to do. So what am I going to do? Work on Ascension, of course!

As of right about now, Zone 2 is close to being completed. Not counting polish and all that good stuff, which will come much later. In terms of mechanics, story and scares however, we’re basically done. All the zone needs is a couple more prominent tiles and then we can move on!

If you recall, the game is going to have 5 Zones. Zone 2 is one of the largest zones to boot, so it’s good to have that in place and ready for cleaning up. It’s tricky business, designing a horror game (especially a sidescrolling horror, whose genius idea was that? [It was mine]) so we’re going to take it slow, making sure we’ve got the pacing absolutely perfect. The story plays a large role in the atmosphere as well, and I want to get it as good as is humanly possible.

I’m going to be looking into improving the lighting system if I can, which will hopefully lead to a better atmosphere and more options involving colouring and illumination. We’ll see!

Be on the look out for more screenshots in the next few days, we’ll hopefully have some out for you to drool over 🙂


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