QA Testing!

Hey everyone!

A few days ago (maybe more than a few, have lost track) we got someone to QA test the game for the first time since the demo. Our tester played in optimal conditions and responded with the feedback that our atmosphere was kind of shit.

SO, we met up and did some design revisions, and here’s what we’ve come up with:

-Our mechanics are too complex for the shortened scope of the game, so we’ve cut a bunch of unecessary items and statuses

-Our text engine isn’t working for us, so I set to work coding up a custom one for the game

-Our intro isn’t engaging enough, so we’re lengthening it and making it more interactive

-The player moves too fast, so we’ve made the main movement speed a walk (and accompanying animation)

-The environments are too static and boring, so we’re introducing a better interaction system and more objects to interact with

(As well as other things that involve story spoilers so neh neh you can’t see them)

We’ve done a lot already, so here are some pretty screenshots to show off our work! Note that not everything is complete, like the bottom half of the HUD.

Things are coming along very nicely! I hope you agree.


See you all soon,


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