Drawing attention

Hey everyone!

Recently we’ve been working on finishing up the scares and pacing in Zone 2. Sound is coming soon after, followed by core testing and then the rest of the game (that’s how we’re chunking it. Zone 2. Testing. Rest of game). Right now the major hurdle is building up an atmosphere and lighting. We’re trying to build the levels so that the player is drawn the way we want him/her to be using lights and dynamic objects, but it’s something that we can really only do when we’re all together in the same room, and that’s not going to happen for another week or so.

In the mean time, I’ve been working on a couple engines. Today I created the basis for an engine that focuses the player’s flashlight on an object of choice. I don’t know if it’s better or worse, but WE’RE GONNA FIND OUT SOON. Core testing frightens me. Follow us on Twitter. Tangleworm finally finished the animation for one of the enemies, so we can go work on another part of the zone. Hoorah!

Slightly outdated screenshot above, but it displays a new attempt to introduce the flashlight to the player. Before, you just had it upon starting the dark area. Now, you find it in a way that illuminates one of your goals for the zone (not telling, no spoilers!). I’m going to try to make the entire game in this manner, introducing things in a “hey look what I found!” manner instead of a text-in-your-face manner. I think it’s far better, but we’ll see what the testers have to say. Did I mention core testing is terrifying?

I’m off to completely remake the end of the zone. See you all soon! (Hopefully for reals this time)