As you can see, this continues to be a game that we are making. I’m just really really awful at updating this blog. I will try to get better, honest!

We’ve done a lot since the last update, way too much to detail. To give a simple idea, the first 50% of the game is basically complete. Doesn’t sound like a lot, but that was the more difficult 50%. From here on out the going will be faster. We’ve resolved to not make any more design changes and actually get this game FINISHED. We’ll see how that goes.

Right now, the game plan is as follows:

-Finish the game by September 1st

-Polish, tweak and test the shit out of the game for the next month, making any necessary improvements and changes

-Actually release the damn game

We’d probably be able to get the game out (fingers crossed) at some point in early/mid October. I’ll keep you guys updated on any changes, but right now that’s probably the deadline we’re going to hit.

Feels good man.