Ascension Release!

I must say, I never thought I’d be writing this post.

Exactly one year after we released that initial demo, the full version of Ascension is available for public consumption! It comes at the low, low price of absolutely free, and we really hope you enjoy it! If you don’t, that’s perfectly fine too. We won’t be too upset 🙂

Let us know your thoughts on the game! I’ll see you all in a year when I’m brave enough to return to the internet.


40 thoughts on “Ascension Release!

  1. I like the game so far but i found a bug:
    I died and respawned in the ground. But i spawned at a door so i could go through it and could continue playing.I died again and spawned again in the ground…

    Oh and sorry for my english 😀

    • A known bug, sadly! I’m working on fixing it ASAP. Hopefully before too many more people run into it, as it seems somewhat common.

    • Seems like a problem to due with Game Maker’s surfaces. The most likely problem is that your computer is too old or your drivers are outdated. Let me know if neither of those are the case 🙂

  2. Really enjoying the game so far. My biggest quarrel, and I think it’s been mentioned before, is the lack of a map. I’m not really that far in and already I’m getting lost in the Cold Storage section.

  3. Okay one more minor gripe: The text sometimes leaves the screen faster than I can read it, perhaps give control to the player as to how fast the text goes off the screen. I know there’s a way to skip it, how about a way to keep it on screen until I’m done reading?

  4. So the more I play the more little buggers I find. This one has spoilers though, so please don’t read unless you’re a dev or have made it a little ways in the game… Okay, after you find Viola and the room caves in between you and her, and you need to find a way to get to her, I died in the Maintenance Electric room, and it started me on the other side of the cave in, the side Viola was already on…

  5. I’m running into a bug where if you pick up a battery and then you die, you will have the level of battery you had at the point you load up, but the battery will no longer be where you picked it up so you have no power and no battery to retrieve anymore.


    • I’m not sure what would be causing a bug in that situation, but how it works (to reveal a couple small mechanics) is that when you die everything you picked up and used will not restore. But your battery power shouldn’t be reverting, it’ll just stay the same as just before you died 🙂

    • Not natively no, but I believe there are a handful of programs that you can set up for that purpose. The game does use a fair amount of buttons though, so I’m not sure if you’ll be able to map everything to buttons.

  6. Just played this game after seeing it plugged on Indiegames. It had a few bugs (though that may have been more the fault of my computer than the game), but I really enjoyed it. The graphics, story, music and SFX all came together to invest me in the game. Thank you very much for making it!

    On a side note, I was thinking about why child characters are so often seen as annoying. In Ascension’s case, I cared about Viola, but her whining did get on my nerves a bit (mainly when I kept falling in the pit at the end and had to replay the same section multiple times). I think the problem is that child characters are always needy – that is intentional, of course, but I think that if they had a positive effect to the game, they would not be seen so negatively. A ‘positive’ effect could be gameplay oriented, such as making the game easier in some way or adding a new ability for the player. In a survival horror game, that might not be appropriate though! But even a few positive words, a “You can do it, Dad” or a courageous attitude at a critical point in the game could go a long way.

    blah blah blah blah.

    But all that really matters is that you guys made a great game, and I need to play the rest of your stuff.

    • Thank you for playing! With regards to child characters, I agree wholeheartedly that Viola’s character suffers a bit from being needy and I won’t pretend that we wrote her perfectly 😉

      I’m going to discuss this a bit in future posts so I won’t get fully into it here, but I definitely agree with you. Appreciate the thought out response!

  7. Wow. I just finished the game. It was a great gaming experience, but left me quite depressed. I really liked the father-kid relationship built into infested building escape situation, even though the ending was incredibly sad. Gameplay was really good, except for me being angered by losing orientation sense when I died and reappeared in toilet instead of nearer point. But that’s just a detail, overall I say thumbs up. This is evidence how such simple story can be still strong and catching.

    • Thank you so much for playing! I’m glad you enjoyed it; it’s hard to predict how people will react to a horror game like this. Things that terrify some people frustrate others! We did our best to make it work for as many people as possible 🙂

  8. While i’m a huge fun of horror games ( even though that I am a coward ), when I saw the “Free Bundle” I was curious what kind of games I will find. Ascention was right on my eyesight when I understood that it was a horror\psychological game. After finishing the game I have to admit that I had alot of fun and a few scaries ( thanks to the red big monster ). The game is really good unfortunatly that the game is very short and at the ending a couple of questions have been left ( like : how did the monsters were created ( with the assumpion that it was because of the chimical things that were placed where the food storage is ), why did Atticus had these illusions, how no one even cared about the chimicals near the food storage, how did the big red monster was created in which he can’t be killed while the other mosters could be killed and did the last scene was about Atticus going to heaven or just a last image that he may have dreamed before his death. Still the game is great I would have even bought it for 1$-5$ if I knew what kind of experience is to play this game. I hope to see more games like Ascension and more imporantly thank you for making this game and making it free.

    • I’m glad you enjoyed the game 🙂

      We left a lot of the plot open to interpretation. There IS an answer to everything, but more accurately there are multiple answers to everything. It’s nice to hear what you and others think happened!


  9. I have the nonexisting surface loading problem! My computer is from 2006 but my graphics card is JESUS! And the free bundle site says it can run on a netbook, so is there something I did wrong or is this a bug

  10. The game is great. I liked lone survivor and your game is better I think. Shorter though. The only detail that bugged me is that I did not understand how to use my medkit. Great work!

  11. Trully masterpiece!
    Not even every BIG game can handle such a interesting and tragic story. Because of that story you are immersed in the world of this game and feel not only the characters but also the world around the main character, and that is the greatest feeling that the player can feel.
    Also, could you please write the title of the Ascension soundtrack? This music is awesome!
    P.S. Sorry for my bad english)

    • Thank you for playing! If you’re looking for the soundtrack you can find it on our musician, Michael Chait’s soundcloud. He’s got the whole thing uploaded there 🙂

      • Thank you very much!
        I’m so glad that our world has such developers who make these games.
        Well done and thank you again.

  12. Hello

    I just finished the game and have a couple of thoughts about it, and decided to share them with you.

    Let me start by saying that I’m happy that you’ve made the game free, and I enjoyed it quite a bit.

    I hit up the game in a dark room with a closed window, and I admit that I could enjoy the atmosphere tremendously. The audio clues helping the player to detect enemy proximity was a great idea, and you managed to fill the game with a thick atmosphere, despite limited resources.

    However, I think the game was quite a mixed bag. While you have plenty of great ideas going, many felt unexplored, even unfinished and ultimately by the end I felt unsatisfied. The flashlight reminded me of silent hill, and even amnesia. It would have worked great, if it wasn’t for it attracting the enemies instantly. At some point I decided to not use it in unexplored areas, since avoiding enemies was generally better than fighting them.

    Gameplay relied on the atmosphere and the story, there were a few rare platformer elements, and some key-fetching, as well as a little combat and avoiding enemies. Although I enjoy minimalism, I feel as if you could have focused on some of these elements much more, and leave those that weren’t necessary (jump over gap sections seemed disjointed from the rest of the game, and it begged for a question if including jumping in the game was necessary at all).

    The interface was great, it worked really well.

    On the other hand since the game already seemed to draw inspiration from Silent Hill games, I wouldn’t mind to see a puzzle or two, even in a point-and-click vein. I was also disappointed in the main enemy in the game being a… big office bloke?

    At first I was looking forward towards the story, and the “dream” sections put a smile to my face, again a great idea there. Unfortunately by the end of the game the writing became somehow predictable, and the dream sections stayed as a good – but unexplored idea. In some parts the story was too ambiguous, not explaining enough to the player, while at the end it seemed too explicit, too straight-forward.

    I hope you will decide to make a sequel, or a totally new game including some of the ideas from Ascension – there is great potential to be found here, and frankly, I think some of the “complaints” that I have are only because the game was so short. It might be that I shouldn’t have come with negative critique, since you’re basically financing this from your own pocket/using your free time to work on games, but it wouldn’t be right from me to give you empty praise, without mentioning stuff that bugged me about it.

    Cheers, and put that donate button somewhere around here already 😉

    • Hey, thanks for the really in depth reply! I’m inclined to agree with you on a lot of the points you made, a lot of the game could definitely have been planned/executed better. I appreciate the honesty though, it helps a lot to have someone who is neither blindly supportive nor incoherently angry 🙂

      • Cheers, I’m glad you took my reply as it was meant to be :). I’m eagerly awaiting the next release from your studio.

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