An Intro: Grabbyhands


Good morning folks! (Or afternoon or evening or night)

The last post I made was little more than a screenshot of our next project. No information, no clues, no promises. As you can probably see, the game is a fair bit further along now and I’m ready to talk about it a bit. Ladies and gentlemen, meet Project Grabbyhands. Don’t worry, he won’t bite.

What is Grabbyhands? Well, I’m so glad you asked: Grabbyhands is a two-player split-screen dungeon-crawling battle to the death. You and a friend are spawned somewhere in a randomly generated dungeon. You both start off completely equal in stats. You then have a limited amount of time to explore the dungeon, killing enemies, opening chests and so on in order to grow (hopefully) stronger than your enemy. Of course, the only way you’d really know if you were stronger would be to find the other player, and they might be doing the same thing…

Our goal for this game is to create a competitive, crazy and fun game environment. The game is hotseat, so whether you’re playing with controllers or on the same keyboard, it’s going to be up close and personal. There will be elbowing, shoving, and a lot of dirty play. But that’s totally okay. In fact, it’s what we want. We’re designing this game with the intention that it will be as fun as possible. That’s the long and short of it. With previous games we’ve sought after emotional connection and meaningful story. This time around, we want to make you smile. We want to make you laugh and yell and scream. We’re getting there.

I’ll do my best to keep a relatively steady flow of devlogs and updates for this project. Now that it’s in a position where we can actually show it off a little bit, I would love to really help you get to know it a little better! I’ll see you all soon.