Hello Errybody! Let me hit you with a couple of Grabbyhands updates!

Lots has gone on that I haven’t told you because I’m a lazy jerk. I’ll outline some of the big ones for you all 🙂

-Shops: Randomly generated (not in every match), gives you a choice of 6 items to buy

-Blacksmiths: Randomly generated (less frequently than shops), upgrades the damage of your held weapon for a price

-General zoning and map design: the first template we’re doing is a science facility in an underground cave.

-Elemental weapons: There are 5 possible elements that can be endowed onto your weapons. Fire, Wind, Electricity, Poison and Plasma. Every element has a level between 1 and 3, and can be upgraded at enchanters. More expensive weapons typically have more elements/higher leveled elements.

-Customizeable heads: The framework for character selection and customization.

-Shields: Similar to the Halo regeneration shields, these upgrades gives you a small regenerating… shield. You can increase the power of your shield by collecting additional shield upgrades.


As for what we’re working on right now? The next big step for us is a feature we call Technolava. This Technolava will make its appearance around halfway through the match, flowing in from the outer regions of the map to force both players towards the centre. It’s going to be a bitch to code, but once it’s in the game is going to start feeling like an actual game!

See you all real soon!