Sparkly Things

Hey, Tangleworm here! I make art for our game and now I make blog posts for the blog.

One of the things we didn’t like about Ascension was its lack of dynamic environments; if you stood still in the game, it felt more like a screenshot than gameplay footage. This was in part due to rampant laziness and in part because that game resisted all attempts to develop it.

The player characters in Grabbyhands don’t have idle animations, like Atticus did. Fortunately Grabbyhands likes to help us develop it by being more fun, and we’re now motivated enough to put animated objects into the game.

ImageImage                  ImageImage

It’s just some sparkles for now, but these cave crystals will hopefully make the environment feel livelier. They will eventually be joined by torches, generators, and other things, depending on the zone.

The crystals being breakable should also help with another of Ascension’s faults that we’re trying not to repeat: the environment wasn’t very interactive. Now, in Grabbyhands, almost everything is interactive and trying to kill you. The crystals are nice, though. They drop loot sometimes.

For convenience’s sake I’ve used some highly advanced software to make a mockup of what the final game should look like with these ideas in mind.


Oh the humanity.

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