To build off of Justin’s post directly below, here’s some progress into our atmospheric enhancement! We’re in the process of implementing coloured lighting (as evidenced by the glows around the torches and the crystals). It’s quite amazing how much of an effect this has on the game. If you look at one of the screenshots from a previous post for reference, the game already seems a lot more varied and interesting, visually. It’s an exciting step to take, for sure.

One interesting issue that has presented itself to us of late is having too many elements in the same room, as well as design complications. As we add more and more objects into the game, we have to be very specific as to where they are placed, as well as how they interact with each other and the players. One room with enemies, spikes, a chest and a portal can get really visually confusing and hard to play, so we need to figure out how to properly place things.

We also are going to try out information pop-ups in the shop to help the player understand what the items for purchase are. This way, hopefully new players will be familiarized with the game’s mechanics rapidly, so that they can develop their own strategies quickly.



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