Blacksmith Menu


On Player One’s side there’s what the blacksmith menu currently looks like. There are other stats besides the three pictured in there, but we put these three in here because they can be upgraded without limit, and to make the end-game shop a little more attractive.

Every upgrade costs whatever is displayed, and the cost depends on your character’s level (or total number of upgrades), similar to Dark Souls. The blacksmith’s upgrades start fairly cheap but ramp up in price as you get stronger, while the shop’s prices start higher but never change; this should create a natural progression where it becomes a better choice to risk going into the most dangerous part of the map to buy more effective upgrades. It’s impossible to guess what exactly the shop will contain, though, so the blacksmith never loses its usefulness if you want to make sure you have enough of a certain stat.

The prices will take some careful balancing to get right, but hopefully this will result in a system where the player is rewarded for picking the right time to press forward but the losing player is never so outstripped that they have no chance of winning.

There is also a yellow fist in the top left HUD to indicate your strength bonus. It’s kind of cute.


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