Announcing an Announcement

Hey guys!

Not a super long post today, but I’m just stopping by to let you know that very soon we’re going to have a big blog post detailing some of the more intricate points of the finalized game design. I’m hoping to announce the game’s official name, storyline, and logo, as well as show you some gameplay gifs/footage.

We’ve kept very very quiet about actual gameplay footage/demos since we started back in January, but that’ll end soon. Get hype! I’m really excited to be able to show the game off, and I think you will be too once you see it.

I hope you forgive me for announcing an announcement, but as compensation have a screenshot for this week’s screenshot saturday, which I actually did for once 😀


See you all soon!


About Let’s Plays

Hey guys!

Just making a real quick update. I’ve gotten a fair number of emails inquiring about whether or not we’re okay with people making content involving footage of our games (ie. Let’s Plays, reviews,etc). I’ve updated our About Us page to set this in stone, but I also want to announce it here.

We’re fully supportive of anyone who wants to Let’s Play or make any sort of content involving our games. We love to see people enjoying what we do, and we encourage that content creators send us their work! Fan Art and Let’s Plays are some of my favourite things to see, so please don’t hesitate!

Anyways, that’s all I wanted to say! See you all soon!


Greek Gods and a New Keyboard

Hello wonderful people!

We have been hard at work over here at our fictional office! Or at least, I have, because Justin was away all of last week on a ‘vacation’. Whatever that is.



(Note that because  I am the loneliest man, only the right side of each screenshot has any value)

I have spent a ton of time tweaking functions, adding new items, enemies and working on the first of four possible bosses! I won’t tell you all about everything, but I will tell you that we have finally settled on a name for the Spell/Gadget items in the game: Artefacts

These Artefacts allow the player to employ numerous strategies. Artefacts can be combat based, movement based, reconnaissance based, as well as a multitude of other possibilities. In the image below, the aura surrounding me is an effect of the Vampire Artefact, which grants lifesteal on enemy death. Pretty simple, but there are far more complex Artefacts as well! Some Artefacts are simple and safe, others are very risk-reward.


A new enemy that I’ve added into the game this past week is the Toad. This little guy hops around aimlessly until you come into view. Then he hops after you with all his might, trying to land that fatal blow. Right now there is no artwork for them, so I’ve provided some of my own. I’m a great artist, as you can see. Despite their appearance, they can be quite deadly and will frequently pester you enough to send you crying back to your base.



I’ve added in far more than I can/care to discuss, but the last big thing that I want  to shamelessly spoil for you on this devlog is our first boss, Hephaestus. Hephaestus, or Heffy as I affectionately call him (because his name is hard to type), is not a rip off of Bongo Bongo at all. He has three different attacks, based on where you are. He also has two little laser turret minions who help to piss you off. That’s all I’ll tell you about Heffy, the rest is a secret.



See you soon!