Relic Romance!


Ladies and gentlemen, it is with bated breath that I officially announce to you our next release, Relic Romance!

What is Relic Romance, and why did we choose such an attractively alliterative name?

Relic Romance is a two-player, hotseat, battle game in which you and a friend (or stranger) go head to head in an effort to be the first player to capture three Relics. Your goal is to hunt enemies and collect Nuts so that you can level up your player and buy items from the shop. The map is expansive and is littered with items, upgrades and traps. You need to employ all of your skills and abilities to overcome your opponent and win the round.


You may be wondering, what’s the impetus for all of this conflict? Why are these two red fellows duking it out in an underground battlefield? Fear not, for Relic Romance does indeed feature a storyline, albeit a light one.  The story is as follows:

It is the year 21XX. The world has been dominated by two mega-corporations that deal in everything. Omni-National Enterprise, or ONE (pictured on the left screen as Green) has been at war with Total World Organization, or TWO (in Purple) for countless years, vying for total world and economic domination. We join this dystopia just as things are at their worst. A plague has spread across the planet and threatens all of human life. At the same time, a freelance spelunker has recently stumbled upon the underground ruins of an ancient civilization. Strange golden heads, known as Relics, are excavated from the ruins. These heads hold vials containing a mysterious liquid that appears to cure the plague, but cannot be reproduced. Naturally, ONE and TWO barge in and claim the discovery for themselves. Using the ancient technology they discover, the two corporations develop supersoldiers.

That’s where you come in. Playing as a supersoldier working for one of these two corporations, you are tasked with collecting more Relics than your opponent and propelling your company to even greater success. So the question is, are you ONE (The only ONE you need!) or are you TWO (It takes TWO!)?


The game is fairly simple to grasp once you’ve played through it (and of course, there will be a full tutorial to help you on your way), but I’ll go over a couple of the core concepts:

Weapons: The full game will feature 9 unique weapons. Each class will start out with a different weapon. These weapons can be upgraded with elemental idols, which bestow effects upon your weapon.

Levels: You can spend your Nuts on levels at the Blacksmith in your base. You have a choice of upgrading your HealthStamina or Strength each level.

Artefacts: Artefacts can be discovered or purchased in many places across the map. Each artefact is unique, and using one will release a certain effect. For example, the Afterburner artefact will double your speed temporarily.

Passives: Passives provide away-from-home upgrades to your speed, health, stamina, strength or shield. They can be discovered or purchased in the shop.

Shop: The shop will spawn in one of two locations each round. It refreshes every minute and contains a variety of useful items.

Relics: Relics will spawn in one of the four corners of the map. To pick one up you must venture to its corner, unlock the door to its room, break open the container and escort the Relic back to your base. You will be slowed while carrying the Relic and if you die, the other player has an opportunity to steal the point for themselves.

Of course, there is a lot more depth to the game that I haven’t covered, but this is does a fairly decent job of handling the basics. Progress is going to be a little bit slow because of school, but we’re hoping to release an open beta of the game very soon. We’ll keep you updated and let you know when we have more news, but in the mean time I hope this did a sufficient job of piquing your interest.

See you all soon!


Reports of my Death

Hey guys!

I promised a big announcement recently, but between then and now school has started again and we are all swamped, so I’m going to push that back at least a couple more days until we’re prepared to actually put the time into writing the announcement!

This is just a small post to let you all know we’re not dead! We’re just busy.


See you soon!