Ascension version 1.1

Weird, right? It’s almost as if this patch came a year late or something.

This is a small patch for Ascension that fixes/improves on the following:

  • The intro splash screens are now skippable
  • The font for dialogue boxes is more readable
  • Tutorials involving healthpacks, stealth and sprinting have been improved
  • A game-breaking bug involving Viola has been fixed


Your regular Relic Romance programming will resume shortly!


7 thoughts on “Ascension version 1.1

  1. Hey chris, it’s me the annoying guy who emailed you before! Thank you so much for releasing the patch but… For some reason the link isnt working for me! 😦 help!

  2. Wow i’m such a noob, i just simply tried clicking the link at the top of the page..i’m sorry for wasting your time xD .. I’m still getting used to your site !

  3. What are the all controls in this game. I am stuck in the basement saying i need a key..after the big monster. I have a key card and a sneaker right now. Do I have to cycle through like you do a weapon?

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