Still Alive Saturday #1: Combat

Hello everyone!

Welcome to the first official Still Alive Saturday, henceforth referred to as SAS because I can’t be bothered to type out the entire thing. We spent this week designing and implementing the majority of basic player combat, as  well as working on the first of a large number of enemies.


Basic Combat Moves

Combat in Project Sky has been designed to be fast and fluid. All humanoid characters will fight primarily with a melee weapon, although not all characters are limited to just that.

As a player, your attack options can be broken down into two main categories: ground and air. While grounded, you can attack low, medium and high. The same goes for in the air. This allows the player a large variety of attacks and methods by which they can defeat enemies with different strengths and weaknesses.

To give an example of what I mean: A standard enemy with only a sword isn’t too hard to kill. Most likely, simply mashing the attack button at close range will be enough to stun and kill him. However, an enemy with a shield may require some more thoughtful tactics. Perhaps a better way of handling him would be to crouch, stab at his exposed legs, and then attack from behind while he’s stunned.

Our goal with combat is to make situations like these frequent so that we can challenge the player in a way that enforces different skills and ultimately leads to them becoming a better player.



(As always, nothing in the above GIF is representative of the final game!)

Technical Updates

A slightly frustrating side-note: As it stands right now, streaming development doesn’t look like it’s going to work out as well as I had planned. My upload speed isn’t strong enough to support anything better than a slightly laggy 360p stream, which isn’t all that exciting to watch. I’ll look into workarounds, but as it stands things aren’t looking too positive for streaming. Sorry about that.


That’s all for this week! Depending on how much we get done next week, I may or may not talk a bit about the Project Sky world and aesthetic.

Let us know what you think of the update!


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