Still Alive Saturday #2: Generation and Lizogs

Hey everyone!

We’ve reached week two of our SAS streak. This week is all about random island generation and our first official enemy. Here we go!


Island Generation

A big part of Project Sky will be the randomly generated events, both on land and out in the open air/sea. We’ve designed this game to allow for the largest variety of unique events to occur while still allowing us some control over the shape of each event.

What this means in terms of island generation is that each island is built up of a number of small ‘chunks’. These chunks shape the overall layout of the island, after which we can further customize each island with its appearance, as well as the actual content on it.

By using predetermined chunks, the only restriction on the number of islands is the number of chunks we design. For every new chunk we add to the game, we increase the number of permutations.


The Lizog

The Lizog is a large and dangerous animal native to the world of Project Sky. Part lizard, part dog (I didn’t choose the name don’t look at me), this beast is a force to be reckoned with. Unfortunately, it wasn’t bestowed with the largest of brains, and some quick maneouvering should prove effective against it.



As you can see from the above gif, the lizog relies primarily on rush-in attacks. If you can figure out a strategy that will keep the beast away from you, this early game enemy shouldn’t cause you too much trouble.


Final Notes

A few small updates to accompany this week’s SAS:

  • We’ve added  the beginnings of the HUD. I’ll discuss the HUD in a much later update, probably after crew is in game to some degree
  • The island layout that you can see in the gif is obviously just a placeholder. The real layout will be much more natural


That’s all for this week! Let us know what you think of the update, as well as any suggestions/comments you may have!

One last thing before I go:


Perhaps the lizog ai needs a *little* bit more work before we ship. Just a little.



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