Still Alive Saturday #3: Sparks

(Hey all! I was busy this morning and Justin wrote up the SAS for this week. Thank him for me! [Chris])


We’ve both been really busy with schoolwork and the like, but this week we managed to add a few details to the game. A lot of them aren’t easy to demonstrate with GIFs, but here we go!



Gone are the days of the shrinking red circle. We’ve implemented hitsparks for sharp attacks and blunt attacks, a block spark, a blood spray effect, and screen shake. In addition to this the player now has a proper hurt frame, so combat looks much nicer.


Lizog AI and Combat Fluidity

In addition, we’ve made some tweaks to combat with the lizog that should guide our combat design in the future. The lizog used to attack as soon as it got within range, but this made it much too difficult to take on several lizogs at once, especially because the player’s range was shorter than the lizog’s pounce.

To remedy this we’ve extended prep time to the lizog’s attack.


In addition, the player’s combat controls are much smoother; they can now switch directions instantly between attacks and blocks, and they have greater control over how far they lunge based on the directional key they press.

Our goal is to build a fairly extensible system where enemies have a certain pattern to them; like in Dark Souls, enemies will be challenging but fair and a great part of the game’s combat will be the player’s skill in dealing with the behaviors of different enemy types. To this end they must know when to strike, when to block and when to dodge, as well as their best opportunities to attack. We want combat to feel agile, and to reward players for their observation and quick thinking.


Final Notes

In addition to those things:

  • Chris has added full controller support. Right now he says it plays equally well on keyboard and controller.
  • Avash started writing bits of the story.
  • Lizogs no longer form a lemniscate when faced with a valley.


That’s all for now, folks! Hope to see you again next week.


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