Still Alive Saturday #4: Please Hold

Hey everyone!

I’ll preface this update by saying that there wasn’t a whole lot of actual work done on the game this week. Why? Well, because between Sunday and Friday, the game was in a completely inoperable state. It’s a bit of a long story, but worry not because everything is fixed and good now.

Instead of talking about what we accomplished this week, I’m going to give you some insight into the general story structure. Keep in mind that because we don’t want to spoil any critical story/gameplay elements, I’m going to stay fairly vague with my explanations.


The Captains

At the beginning of each round of Project Sky, you will choose a captain to play as. Each captain will be defined by a specific back story and motives which will shape both your path through the game, as well as the options you will have at key moments during the story.

Our goal with these captains is to tell a series of interwoven and personal stories. As I said above, there are going to be key moments during each round where you will have to make decisions that will largely impact your progression. These will be unique to your chosen captain and will be impacted by your play so far that round.

If you’re worried about these captains limiting the customization/random nature of the game, don’t be. Our goal with the storytelling is to enhance the already unpredictable, dangerous and exciting nature of the game, not to force you through bottlenecks each round.

The last thing I’m going to say about this today is that all of the captains are related in some way.


That’s all for this SAS! A little short, I know, but when issues appear they appear in full force!

See you all next week,


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