Still Alive Saturday #7: Inventory!

Hey everyone!

Another busy week for all of us what with midterms and projects, but I did actually manage to get something accomplished!


The Inventory

This week I buckled down and got to work on the game’s inventory system.  The way that inventory/items work in Project Sky is slightly different from other roguelikes and games of this sort. In this game, items are not randomly dropped as you might expect. Instead, all items are either received as quest rewards, discovered in chests (read: rewards for random events) or purchased from stores. There are a handful of other ways you can get items, obviously, but these are the primary means.

Once obtained, these items go into your ship’s inventory, which can be accessed from your Ledger in the captain’s quarters. Within the ledger, you can equip your crew and yourself with improved armour, weapons and trinkets which improve their stats and keep them alive. Better equipment is key to surviving the later areas of the game.

Our goal with the inventory design was to create a very visually clear and easy to use interface, regardless of whether or not you’re using a controller. Due to this, we’ve settled on the idea of a virtual cursor, rather than allowing the player to use a mouse to navigate the inventory. Having a game where you never use a mouse for anything except the inventory is bad design, and would make even less sense for controllers.

Each inventory slot is a ‘card’ which can be picked up and moved to other spots. This allows for easy item swapping and equipping. The system needs a little bit of tweaking to be perfect, but it’s already incredibly functional and we’re very happy with it.


That’s all for this week! Stay tuned for more developments in the future.


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