Still Alive Saturday #9: Everything is Clear

Hey everyone,

This week we tackled a couple of specific areas of the game. In terms of programming, I worked on enemy HUD components, as well as the beginnings of crew AI and implementation. Justin continued to work on island chunks and equipment art.


Enemy HUD

In order to improve clarity in combat, your current enemy (the one you attacked last) will have a HUD in the top right corner of the screen. This is pretty straight forward, but helps greatly in understanding the ins and outs of your opponent.




Crew AI

Crew members in the game will have two states. The first is inactive, when they are not part of your selected boarding party. This is the state that I worked on this week. It’s fairly simple, but it’s nice to see the crew members actually represented in game now.

The second state is active, where they follow you around, fight battles with you and so on. This will come later.


These crew members automatically update with changed names and equipment.


That’s all for this week! See you guys soon.


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