Still Alive Saturday #13: Jelly

Hey everyone!


We spent this week working on a variety of things, a couple of which I’ll cover in some detail. For the most part, this week was a lot of jellyfish, travelling and leaf men.



Jellyfish are a fearsome species in the world of Project Sky. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes and float through the air with ease. The first jellyfish we’re adding is a nasty-looking guy with 3 tentacles. He moves fast and spears you with his barbed tendrils.


The jellyfish is much different from the lizog in terms of combat strategies. When fighting this airborne creature, it’s more important to dash out of the way, or attempt an air attack to counter its stab. As always, our goal with each enemy in the game is to challenge the player in a new, unique way.



This week I tackled a difficult aspect of travelling between locations. What if you leave an island and come back? Everything should be the same as you left it. This means that we have to record the specifics of each and every location in a zone so that if you feel compelled to return, you can.

This was a difficult task to accomplish, but I got it done and I am glad the functionality is in there. Travel is still fairly simple, but there’s plenty of time to make improvements there!




Lastly, this week Justin has started work on the first non-Mo’ai race: The Njokun. The Njokun are plant plant people, but I’ll hold off on talking about them or showing them for now. That’ll come in a later update!


That’s all for now, see you next week!


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