Still Alive Saturday #18: Enemy Sighted!

Hey everyone!


This week we worked on a variety of different areas within the game. The major focal points for us were implementing the first enemy raider ship, developing the raiding system, developing map interrupts and designing some additional weather/time of day types.


Raider Ship #1

The first raider ship in the game is of Quetzan design. We haven’t really introduced the Quetzan as a species yet, but you can see by the contrasting technological level/design of their ship that they’re sort of the big fish in the pond.

Raids will typically take place when you are travelling between two locations. Project Sky has an interrupt system that will occasionally stop your travel in order to present an event to you. Some of these events are positive, but more often than not it’s going to be an issue that you have to take care of. One of such issues is a pirate raid.

In a pirate raid, you and your selected squad of fighters will fight an attacking crew. The attacking pirates will come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and their type will greatly affect how you fight them. These battles keep you on your toes and remind you that the skies are never as safe as you think.





Inside the Cabin

I forgot to show this off in previous weeks, so I’ll do it now. All player ships have an exterior and an interior. The interior (the crew quarters) is where you’ll be able to view your inactive crew members, as well as some potential future features that I won’t talk about for now.




Each ship has its own size-class. This size affects how many crew members you can have, as well as a number of other aspects of gameplay. The interior you’re seeing here is for the Merchant Ship, which has a medium size-class.


Time of Day

Our goal with weather and time is not to make a dynamic day system, but to provide a large amount of visual diversity that we can pick and choose from to create some really stunning moments. I won’t show off the new time-periods just yet, because I’d rather get to that next week when it’s implemented and fully-functional, but rest assured that there’s going to be some really wonderful eye candy coming up.


That’s all for this week! See you soon.


Still Alive Saturday #17: Mapping Things Out

Hey everyone!

This week we tackled largely map/event work. We’re slowly working towards creating a fully functional event, interrupt and travel system on which we can base more of the game’s systems upon. A lot of what we worked on is behind the scenes this week, but I can show off some of what we did!

This week Justin tackled a pretty exciting art project that I’m looking forward to show off at a later time. For now, live in anticipation of what this exciting art project might be.



As I’ve mentioned before, the travel system in Project Sky is similar to how FTL works. The difference is, travelling between locations exposes you to random events, raids, and other interesting events. The game isn’t exclusively floating islands and towns. There’s a whole lot more going on that you’re going to have to deal with if you want to survive!


There will be some cool things to show off next week, but that’s all I’ve got for today! See you all soon.


Still Alive Saturday #16: Oh Ship

Hey everyone!


It’s gonna be a bit of a short update this week! We worked on primarily the new Merchant ship, which I will happily show off in just a moment. We also took strides toward finishing the designs of all the game’s captains.


The Merchant Ship

I talked about the design of the new Merchant ship last week, so this week I’ll be happy to show off some teasers of the ship in-game!




We’re very, very happy with how the redesign turned out, and are looking forward to designing with it as the game progresses!



Each captain in the game has their own unique backstory and progression through the plot. Although the general structure of each round is random each time you play, there are milestones for each character that you will hit each time you play. These milestones offer you different pathways through the game, and are affected by how you play.

Our goal with these captains is to express the diversity and richness of the game world, as well as to tell very personal and interesting stories. We’re designing the characters in this game to be more than just avatars on the screen. We want the emergent storytelling to be enriched by a strong personality base in your main character.


That’s all for this week! See you all soon.


Still Alive Saturday #15: FIREBALL!

Hey everyone!


This week we worked on a number of tasks in different areas of the game. We’re currently in the process of redesigning the existing Merchant ship (the one you’ve gotten used to seeing), and while that’s been under way I’ve put some time into working on the Jellyfish enemy and the ability system.


The Merchant Ship

Our goal with the redesigned Merchant ship is to create an environment with more variety in the vertical and horizontal landscapes. The existing design doesn’t allow for as much combat dynamic as we want. To fix this, we’ve slightly condensed the space in which you can fight, and added more platforms and ladders on which to monkey your way around the ship.

Our hope is that in doing this, we’re creating an arena that works to the game’s strengths, instead of fighting against them.


The Ability System

Abilities in Project Sky are a secondary skill that the player can purchase, find or steal throughout the game. These abilities can be combat-focused, but can also affect other areas of the game. Our goal with the ability system is to allow for a wide variety of play-styles. The same ability in subsequent rounds may prove more or less useful, or may aid you in a completely different way. We’re aiming to have these abilities affect the game on more than just a surface level.

That being said, not every ability in the game is going to be deep and complex. Sometimes it’s nice to start off simple. This week, we worked in implementing a fireball (name pending) ability. It may end up being more than just a damage dealer, but you’ll have to wait and see!


That’s all for this week! See you all soon,



Still Alive Saturday #14: Little Green Men

Hey everyone!


Not too much happened this week that I can show off, so I’ll spend some time briefly talking about the Njokun, who I introduced last week as the second species in Project Sky.

The Njokun are a plant people, and possibly the most ancient of the three found in-game. They are native to the islands that float high above the sea, and have been slaves for much of their history.


Slaves to whom, you ask? That answer will come later. For now, understand that most of the Njokun alive during Project Sky’s time period are slaves, forced to employ their natural talents for the purposes of sustaining a civilization that could not otherwise survive.

In contrast to the Mo’ai, a highly physical workhorse race of people, the Njokun are a more, for lack of a better word, magical people. They are highly in-tune with nature and are often capable of feats that no other could even dream of performing. It is for this reason that the Njokun are highly prized as slaves.


That’s all for this week. Short, I know, but we’re trying some different work practices that should help improve the level of work we accomplish. See you all next Saturday!