Still Alive Saturday #14: Little Green Men

Hey everyone!


Not too much happened this week that I can show off, so I’ll spend some time briefly talking about the Njokun, who I introduced last week as the second species in Project Sky.

The Njokun are a plant people, and possibly the most ancient of the three found in-game. They are native to the islands that float high above the sea, and have been slaves for much of their history.


Slaves to whom, you ask? That answer will come later. For now, understand that most of the Njokun alive during Project Sky’s time period are slaves, forced to employ their natural talents for the purposes of sustaining a civilization that could not otherwise survive.

In contrast to the Mo’ai, a highly physical workhorse race of people, the Njokun are a more, for lack of a better word, magical people. They are highly in-tune with nature and are often capable of feats that no other could even dream of performing. It is for this reason that the Njokun are highly prized as slaves.


That’s all for this week. Short, I know, but we’re trying some different work practices that should help improve the level of work we accomplish. See you all next Saturday!



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