Still Alive Saturday #15: FIREBALL!

Hey everyone!


This week we worked on a number of tasks in different areas of the game. We’re currently in the process of redesigning the existing Merchant ship (the one you’ve gotten used to seeing), and while that’s been under way I’ve put some time into working on the Jellyfish enemy and the ability system.


The Merchant Ship

Our goal with the redesigned Merchant ship is to create an environment with more variety in the vertical and horizontal landscapes. The existing design doesn’t allow for as much combat dynamic as we want. To fix this, we’ve slightly condensed the space in which you can fight, and added more platforms and ladders on which to monkey your way around the ship.

Our hope is that in doing this, we’re creating an arena that works to the game’s strengths, instead of fighting against them.


The Ability System

Abilities in Project Sky are a secondary skill that the player can purchase, find or steal throughout the game. These abilities can be combat-focused, but can also affect other areas of the game. Our goal with the ability system is to allow for a wide variety of play-styles. The same ability in subsequent rounds may prove more or less useful, or may aid you in a completely different way. We’re aiming to have these abilities affect the game on more than just a surface level.

That being said, not every ability in the game is going to be deep and complex. Sometimes it’s nice to start off simple. This week, we worked in implementing a fireball (name pending) ability. It may end up being more than just a damage dealer, but you’ll have to wait and see!


That’s all for this week! See you all soon,



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