Still Alive Saturday #16: Oh Ship

Hey everyone!


It’s gonna be a bit of a short update this week! We worked on primarily the new Merchant ship, which I will happily show off in just a moment. We also took strides toward finishing the designs of all the game’s captains.


The Merchant Ship

I talked about the design of the new Merchant ship last week, so this week I’ll be happy to show off some teasers of the ship in-game!




We’re very, very happy with how the redesign turned out, and are looking forward to designing with it as the game progresses!



Each captain in the game has their own unique backstory and progression through the plot. Although the general structure of each round is random each time you play, there are milestones for each character that you will hit each time you play. These milestones offer you different pathways through the game, and are affected by how you play.

Our goal with these captains is to express the diversity and richness of the game world, as well as to tell very personal and interesting stories. We’re designing the characters in this game to be more than just avatars on the screen. We want the emergent storytelling to be enriched by a strong personality base in your main character.


That’s all for this week! See you all soon.


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