Get On With It

Hey everyone!


Just to let you all know, there will be no update this week on account of the fact that we got basically nothing done! It was a busy week and the things that we would have to show can wait until a future update.

Sorry about that, thanks for understanding!


See you all next week,


Still Alive Saturday #21: Deep Blue Sea

Hey everyone!

This week we focused on the beginnings of crew ai, ocean locations and some improvements to the Ledger/Map HUD.


Crew Ai

The crew ai in Projecy Sky needs to be fairly intelligent and complex in order to not only navigate the dynamic and diverse locations, but also to provide actual protection/challenge during combat. To do this, we’ve designed a system combining behavioural states (such as Attack, Follow, Flee, Support) that will apply the use of the A* pathfinding algorithm. The design of this has been completed, but the actual pathfinding code is still early in development.


HUD Improvements

Our goal with the Map component of the HUD is to provide a clear and simple representation of the zone that you are currently in so that you can formulate strategies rapidly and without confusion. At the moment, our icons are limited, but when the game features more varied environments and different special locations such as towns, temples, and the like, all of this will be visible on the map screen.

We’ve also settled on a tentative HUD font for the game, which is called Monkey (and can be found on




The Ocean

Not all islands in Project Sky are floating. Some can be found at water-level. These islands are typically home to the Mo’ai, and will make up roughly 1/4 to 1/3 of the locations in the game.


Obviously, the ocean is far from complete, but the framework for ocean islands/locations in general is in place and working perfectly. I’m excited to be able to show you all the locations as they progress in development and design!


That’s all for this week, see you all soon.


Still Alive Saturday #20: Ironing Out

Hey everyone!


Very short update this week, we didn’t get a whole lot done. The biggest thing that happened was the completion of the iron armour, the addition of Dawn and some changes to the energy/ability system.


Iron armour is one tier up from leather armour and provides improved defence. Most crew members will start off with leather armour, but some higher tier recruits will come in better armour sets. Keep in mind that heavier armour does have its detriments!


The changes that we made to the energy system allow it to carry more weight with each ability used. Dashes now require a certain amount of energy, which means that as a player you must be strategic with every move you make, instead of spamming the dash button to get away from combat. In addition, you can now dip into negative energy, which will slow down your recharge rate. This is useful if you have only a little bit of energy left but absolutely need to use an ability. It will cost you more in the long run, but it might just save your life.


That’s all for this week! See you all soon,


Still Alive Saturday #19: Dark Outside

Hey everyone!


This week and the week to come are going to be relatively light on progress, but we were able to get a little done! I focused primarily on the lighting engine for the game, which will be used in dark places and in non-sunny weathers.

Presently, lighting in this game follows the same concept as Ascension; we have a combination of colds and hots to give the game more than just flat illumination. It’s a subtle effect but one that I absolutely adore.

This lighting will also be used in places like caves, and is going to go a long way toward enhancing the atmosphere of the game. Expect to see things like torches, fireflies, bio-luminescence and magic lighting up the darkness.

Justin spent some time this week working on a new armour set, so I’ll hopefully be able to show that off next week!


That’s all for now, see you soon!