Still Alive Saturday #19: Dark Outside

Hey everyone!


This week and the week to come are going to be relatively light on progress, but we were able to get a little done! I focused primarily on the lighting engine for the game, which will be used in dark places and in non-sunny weathers.

Presently, lighting in this game follows the same concept as Ascension; we have a combination of colds and hots to give the game more than just flat illumination. It’s a subtle effect but one that I absolutely adore.

This lighting will also be used in places like caves, and is going to go a long way toward enhancing the atmosphere of the game. Expect to see things like torches, fireflies, bio-luminescence and magic lighting up the darkness.

Justin spent some time this week working on a new armour set, so I’ll hopefully be able to show that off next week!


That’s all for now, see you soon!


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