Still Alive Saturday #20: Ironing Out

Hey everyone!


Very short update this week, we didn’t get a whole lot done. The biggest thing that happened was the completion of the iron armour, the addition of Dawn and some changes to the energy/ability system.


Iron armour is one tier up from leather armour and provides improved defence. Most crew members will start off with leather armour, but some higher tier recruits will come in better armour sets. Keep in mind that heavier armour does have its detriments!


The changes that we made to the energy system allow it to carry more weight with each ability used. Dashes now require a certain amount of energy, which means that as a player you must be strategic with every move you make, instead of spamming the dash button to get away from combat. In addition, you can now dip into negative energy, which will slow down your recharge rate. This is useful if you have only a little bit of energy left but absolutely need to use an ability. It will cost you more in the long run, but it might just save your life.


That’s all for this week! See you all soon,


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