Still Alive Saturday #22: Path Found

Hey everyone!


This week we focused primarily on path-finding development and ocean locations, as well as some mild progress into improving combat feel and some other minor features.



The path-finding used in this game is the A* algorithm. I’ve spent the past two weeks learning the logic behind the algorithm and then implementing the basic structure into the game. The result, while simple, is the basis for future work involving jump calculations, ropes.



Next week my goal for this is to code support for edge detection and climbing so that the week after, I can get to work making these little guys moving around and acting alive.


Ocean Islands and Decorations

Justin spent some time this week starting the ocean island tileset. Our goal with this tileset was to create a visual aesthetic that is unique from the existing sky island. Ocean islands make up about 1/3 of the game’s locations, and our goal is to give both types of locations equal love in a way that makes the game feel varied and expansive.



I also spent some time this week coding island decoration support. While incredibly basic at the moment, this engine allows for us to decorate the islands with foliage and other structures. Right now, all we have is a handful of small tufts and bushes, but once we get the full decoration set in, each island is going to thrive with life, colour and variety.




That’s the majority of what we worked on this week. There are a couple other small features that I added, but they aren’t super exciting and can wait for future updates, or to be discovered in eventual update videos.

With a little luck, path-finding progress will go smoothly and I’ll have some cool stuff to show you next week.


See you all later,


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