Still Alive Saturday #23: It was Bugging me

Hey everyone!


This week was supposed to be a mix of a couple things: The sound engine, the debug console and continued AI pathfinding. Un/fortunately, the debug console proved to be a much more monumental task than I had anticipated and I instead spent the entire week working on it. The results are something I’m incredibly proud of, but the pathfinding will have to wait until next week.

Note that Justin was away for the duration of this week, so no progress was made in the art department! How dare he.


The Debug Console

The debug console is a tool that I’ve been meaning to add to Sky for some time now. It allows us as developers to test, watch and modify aspects of the game with ease.

Testing combat? Spawn some Jellyfish in with a couple clicks.

Trying to figure out what location the player is at? We can monitor that.

Want to change the probability of a random encounter happening? No problem.



The console gives us much more freedom with testing and will speed up a lot of processes. It also means we can customize and set up scenarios easily so that all components of the game are highly polished.



Other Progress

Despite the overwhelming focus on the debug console, I did manage to get some other small tasks done this week. For one, the sound engine is functional and there are some basic attack/damage sounds in-game for testing purposes. It’s nice to see that even with really basic temp sounds, the combat really comes alive. I’m excited to get some serious sound and music work done in the future!

Additionally, I spent some time on Friday optimizing the existing pathfinding structure. It’ll need some work yet before it’s fully optimized and ready to be run on slower computers, but it’s a start and it feels good to be able to have a dozen or more algorithms running at the same time with only slight frame loss.


That’s all for this week! I’ll see you all next Saturday for what will probably be a more interesting update than this!



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