Still Alive Saturday #28: Do I Dare?

Hey everyone!

This will be a simple update, as the Ludum Dare begins this evening and I will most definitely be taking part. If you’re interested in what I’ll be working on this weekend, be sure to follow along on Twitter. I’ll be tweeting my progress semi-regularly as the weekend progresses.

As for what we got done this week:

1. We finally sat down and had our sound design discussion. We settled on a direction, as well as musical inspirations, and made a couple sounds to start things off. We now have a functional footstep sound engine (TM) and some sand/cave sounds to match. Now that we’re getting into sound, expect some actual video footage coming in the near-ish future.

2. We finished the first Quetzan variant. Following typical bird fashion, male Quetzan are colourful and vibrant, and female Quetzan are more desaturated and basic in colour scheming.




3. I wrote a batch file to allow for easier adding of new character skins into the game. This will hopefully reduce a half-hour task to around 5-10 minutes. This makes for a happy Chris, believe me.

4. I made progress in developing the new pathfinding engine. AI can now navigate over gaps, which makes them about 100% more useful than before. They’re still squirrelly and buggy, but progress is being made and I am glad.


That’s all for this week! Expect more progress on pathfinding next week, as well as some new sounds and (I’ll say this again) potentially a new enemy. See you soon!


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