Still Alive Saturday #30: Slow Down

Hey everyone!

This week, and probably future weeks for the foreseeable future, is going to be fairly small in terms of progress. We’re all crazy busy with our respective schools/works, so any work on the game that we can actually get done is a blessing. Anyway, on to what we actually accomplished.

This week, our goal was to do a whole smattering of things, most of which weren’t even looked at. However, I was able to put some serious work into altering the player movement speeds. We’d been feeling for a while now that the player’s movement was too fast and too jerky. I took the time to slow things down and give things a bit more weight. It makes combat feel better and makes movement more strategic instead of hectic.

We also did some work on the Hardhead, implementing its attack. The Hardhead isn’t even close to done, but it is coming along and I’m looking forward to showing it off.

That’s all for this week! Next week, time permitting, will probably have a bit of an emphasis on design/re-factoring. Probably a little less exciting to hear about, but it needs to be done! See you soon,


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