The Great C++ Exodus – A Slight Detour (Part 2)

Hey guys!

Today I’m going to talk briefly about our trials and tribulations so far in development. To summarize what’s happened since the last update: We’ve decided to tackle a smaller project to help us get a feeling for C++ game development before we attempt to develop Tomorrow’s Horizon completely from scratch.

The New Project

To help ourselves get a better understanding of C++ game development, we’re starting a side-project. We’re developing this side project using Angel2D, a C++ engine designed for game jams. This helps us avoid the low-level details of developing an engine, and instead lets us devote our time to understanding how to best apply C++ data structures and classes to game development.


We haven’t yet solidified the details of this side-project, so stay tuned for that. What we do know is that it will be a 2D, platformer game with elements of random generation.

Source Control Problems

The discovery of Angel2D was a blessing for our motivation levels. Unfortunately, adding Angel2D to Git was not. We spent a fair few hours struggling with getting commits to work properly with the pre-existing Angel2D projects, only to discover that an issue with a build file was using absolute file paths instead of relative paths.

After fixing this issue and updating our .gitignore file, we managed to get commits working properly and did some test pushes.


What we have to show for ourselves at the end of all this isn’t particularly impressive, but it’s indicative of a bright future not only for this side-project, but for our learning.


Hello world! It’s good to be here.

See you all soon!