The Great C++ Exodus – The Weight of Learning (Part 3)

Hey everyone!

Woah, a month passed. Oops?

If you’ve been following this recent story, you’re probably wondering what’s been happening with the side project. The honest answer is, nothing. It’s not exactly a pleasant thing to have to admit, but at least it’s not coming from a place of laziness.

As you might know, or might have guessed, Justin and I are still in school, to varying degrees. I’m in school 5 days a week working toward a degree, and Justin is in coop doing the same thing. We’re both crazy busy all the time.

Now, this doesn’t mean that we don’t have time to work on side projects. But it does make it a little difficult to push yourself to learn more when your life is already completely focused on learning. What this comes down to is the situation that we’ve been in for the past month. Working hard, learning a lot, and making no progress on our C++ journey.

Having acknowledged this, we’ve made a decision. The exodus will halt for the time being, at least as far as Magnesium Ninja Studios is concerned (I’m working on a C++ game this term regardless). What we’re going to do instead is change this side project to a GameMaker game, and develop it from there.

You might find that this is a move that goes contrary to what we’ve been discussing recently. My answer to that is a wishy-washy “yes and no”. We’re still incredibly inspired and excited to start working in C++, but we acknowledge that we have limits. However, making games is something that we’re still eager to do, and to be honest, this past month has been a serious case of withdrawal for me personally.

The compensation I’ll offer is that we’re taking this side project as a good reason to start improving our development, design, and promotion capabilities. We’re going to get better at this game making business, and we’re going to make something that’s bloody awesome.

You’ll see more about the side project in the future. I’m not going to make promises about when or what, but it will happen. If our lives are kind to us, progress will be plentiful. Look forward to it, and fear not; the exodus is far from over.

We’ve just found a side quest, is all.

See you all soon!