A Breath of Life

Hey everyone!

It’s been far, far too long since I last wrote one of these. If you scroll down a little bit, you’ll see a happy little blog post talking about how school and work were bringing our C++ exodus to a halt. I talked briefly about a side project, and how you might hear more about it soon if you were lucky.

You weren’t lucky. Thankfully, we didn’t die, nor did we run screaming from the prospect of making games. After a number of months of soul-crushing silence, we’re back today with an official announcement of our side-project-turned-real-project:



Overclocked is a momentum-driven action game in which you play as Amber, a member of a specialized task force in a world where body modifications to link nervous systems with computers is rampant.

What makes Amber’s task force special is how they use their mods. In order to enhance her abilities and attune herself to the suit that she wears, Amber overclocks her on-board computer, making her incredibly powerful, but also highly vulnerable.

One wrong move in Overclocked spells the end of the road. Amber’s suit will be damaged, causing physical and mental injury. Overclocked is a game about forming strategies on the fly, cautious aggression, and nonstop action.


We’ve been plugging away at Overclocked for the past couple of months (picking up the pace in the last week or so). We’re still early on, but the beginnings of a really solid and exciting game are already showing their faces. We’ll have more to show as this project continues.

We’ll be posting plenty of updates here, but if you’d like to see more frequent and nitty-gritty details, you can follow our project on TIGSource, at the following link:


Check back soon for more details! I’ll be doing my best to post frequently as new features pop into the game, as well as to detail some of what we’ve already done.

See you then,


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