Hey everyone!

Since the last update we’ve been working hard on a number of miscellaneous features, primarily focusing on combat and improved hitboxes.

We’ve developed the hitboxes in Overclocked to act similar to how they might work in a bullet hell game. The hitbox for taking damage is far smaller than the hitbox for movement collisions. This allows us to give the player some leeway in combat, resulting in a less punishing game that allows for a bit more wiggle room when dealing damage and making mistakes.


It also gives us the opportunity to develop difficulty modes based on collisions, if we felt so-inclined. The idea here is enhanced control over the player experience, which is always a good thing.

We also implemented art for the downward smash. You can see it below in its full glory:


Other than that, we’ve taken time to implement a proper audio engine, including separate volume controls for music and sfx. This is a first for us (sadly), but a big step to creating a game of high polish and a great user experience.

That’s all for today! See you next time,


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