Get on with the Story

Hey Everyone!

Over the past few days we’ve been having some very deep, meaningful, and heated discussions in order to hammer out the details on Overclocked’s story mode. I’ve talked a bit about story mode in the past, and you’ll have to wait a bit longer for the true and honest details, but at this point we’ve got a lot of the specifics figured out, which has allowed us to make progression.

What we’ve been working on recently is starting the main menu and the level select interface, as well as finishing up the player’s death sequence and attack art.

What I’ve been working on today is what you can see below: the crude and downright nauseating start to the level interface.


The level interface is part of the main menu, a fully playable game area in which you’ll be able to chat with some key characters, view game statistics, choose story levels, and play the other game modes (and maybe some secrets eh eh?). The level interface operates via a series of linear stages.

These stages can be one of a number of different types, be they races, surviving a series of waves, or getting to the end of a particularly challenging map. Each stage offers a “perfect” condition that will earn you a badge. Get enough badges and… well… I guess you’ll find out.

Obviously, what you see right now is a very basic start. I promise it’ll look much nicer when it’s done, but that will come in time!

That’s all for today. See you soon!


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