Make a Selection

Hey everyone!

Today we spent time working on improving the stage selection interface. We’ve made huge strides already, and we’re not even close to finished!

We also worked more on death (which will not be shown until fully complete!) and some miscellaneous polish elements.


To highlight the elements of this stage selection:

The top bar contains the episode name, number, and description. Stages are grouped into episodes based on which story or sub-story they are connected to.

The bottom bar on the right contains the stage name and description. The left side contains the requirement for the “perfect” badge that you can get on each level.

Inside the box is a “map” containing all unlocked levels. Levels are colour-coded based on their episode, and have an icon inside for the level type (eg: Race, survival, get to the finish).

That’s all for today! Look forward to tomorrow or the day after when we show off progress on the conversation system.


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