Let’s Have a Talk

Hey everyone,

Over the past couple of days I’ve been crazy hard at work developing a proper conversation system for Overclocked. I don’t have a Gif to show you right now to demonstrate the system in its full glory, but don’t worry, it’s coming.

My goal for this game was to create a system that was not only flexible and easy to add to, but would also support multiple languages in the event that we ever wanted to localize the game to other languages.


Quality dialogue.

What I’ve done is created a custom file format in which we can define specific “conversations”. These can be named anything, but can also be named under the convention “eX_sY_Z” to be automatically caught by the story mode controller as it searches for the proper conversation for a specific place in the story.

This makes it really easy for us to add conversations, and the only thing we need to do to replace the dialogue with, say, Spanish, is to change the language specified in the game settings.


Portrait art ripped straight from The Vigilante.

What comes out on the other side is a polished conversation system supporting any number of characters communicating in any form. We’ve got support for different portraits, and will be adding support for text effects soon.

This really is the most elaborate conversation system I’ve ever created, and I think the result will definitely speak for itself. Look forward to seeing that soon!

That’s all for now. Until next time,


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