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Hey everyone!

Fairly big update today, not necessarily in terms of post length, but in terms of what we’ve accomplished. I spent all weekend (and more) slaving over the conversation system, trying to get it working in a clean and easy to use way. You can see the end result below, and I dare say I’m quite happy with it.


Obviously, all art assets to do with the conversation system are temporary as we work our way down the art pipeline. The system that I’ve developed allows for text of any colour, special text effects (you can see a screen shake on certain words, as well as long pauses), and any number of concurrent characters in the conversation. Our hope is that this allows for some really lively and rich dialogue, even without voice acting.

As I mentioned in the previous post, all of the dialogue is loaded from a file. We can support any latin-based language, which is a really nice feeling. Whether or not Overclocked gets localized into other languages will depend on a bunch of factors later on in development, but for now it’s good to have the chance.

We also worked on some miscellaneous effects for Amber. You can now see exactly when your dash recharges, when your double jumps return, and exactly where you got hit on the death freeze. There’s also some cool new artwork to look forward to soon. Amber’s art suite is coming close to being done!

Lastly, I spent some time developing a screen transition to swap between rooms. There may end up being more than one of these, but for now it lets me properly pace the opening and closing sequences of each level.

transitionThat’s all for today! Next up is proper stage starting and ending, some HUD changes, and hopefully the beginning of some actual game content!

See you then,


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