Drowning in UI

Hey everyone!

Over the past couple of days I’ve been hard at work putting together some user interface components to tie the game together. I’ve added a bunch of things, many of which won’t be shown off until we make an actual video (some day soon!). For reference, though, here’s what’s been done:

  • Pause menu
  • Proper returning to menu (with contextual location based on where you’re coming back from)
  • Level start procedure (Opening dialogue, stage start indicator)
  • Level end procedure (Badges, restarting, etc)
  • Proper player death
  • Room transitions

On top of this, we’ve made a number of miscellaneous fixes to problems you didn’t even know existed. That way, you can keep on believing that we’re absolutely perfect.


Obviously, the art for the pause menu is non-existent, but like all UI elements in the game, that will come in time. For now, all that matters is that it works.

Next up is, believe it or not, actual game mechanics code and the start of content creation. It’s an exciting time to be one of two people working on this game. Look forward to story progress soon!

See you then,


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