Plotting Things Out

Hey everyone!

We’ve been quiet recently, but we’ve been hard at work on Overclocked. The tutorial stages are functionally complete and pretty fun to play through (and have some pretty difficult bonus objectives for those of you with a penchant for completionism).

We’ve also put a lot of work into UI improvements, to make sure that the game is clearly understood, even at this early stage.

Other work we’ve done recently includes cutscene functionality, a whackload of dialogue, character design, plot design, and more work completing Amber’s spritesheet (she has a lot of art).

The plan for the plot is to keep spoilers posted here to a minimum so that you can experience them properly as you play through the game. We will be posting teasers of gameplay as always, however. Look forward to seeing new enemies, stages, and gameplay footage soon!

That’s all for today. See you soon,


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