A Glimpse of the Future

Hey everyone!

Today’s post won’t be a long one; I just wanted to take the time to show off some of the work-in-progress art for the tutorial stages.


I’m pretty excited to get some actual level art into the game. It’s going to bring the stages to life.

I’ll be showing off more of it as we put it in. It’s going to be a little bit until more arrives, as Justin is away for a week. Still, exciting updates!

That’s all for now. See you soon!


A New Challenge Approaches!

Hi folks! I’m Jamie Bell, the new team member mentioned earlier working on the audio for Overclocked. I’ve been hard at work getting good at the game in order to know what I can do to make it feel awesome to play. Check my intro post on the devlog to read more about that and a bit about myself.

Some cool progress last night!

Each level has two badges that you must unlock to get 100% completion. Only the first badge is necessary to beat the level and continue the story, but the second is an extra challenge. The simplest are “Complete the level in 35 seconds” or “Get a score of 6000 points,” but we’ve been doing some brainstorming to find what other cool second badges we can throw at you.


Please ignore the fact that I accidentally died to take this screenshot! 🙂

This is a new level which includes the first of the “Don’t defeat any enemies” badges. It’s a tough one because the enemies are usually conveniently close to a laser, and your air dash kills enemies so you’ve got to use them carefully. Here’s how I get around this first one when trying to get the no-kill badge:

Bounce off

Bet that purple guy feels like a dolt!

When I showed this GIF to Chris, he was stoked about how different our approaches are. Of the three of us working on the game, we each have a totally different way of approaching this no-kill badge, and I’m excited to see how people get creative with these challenges.

Speaking of getting creative, check out this usage of a punch to eke my way past a laser in the next part of this level. This felt so flippin’ cool to do:



Back to the lab to think of some more cool badges! Until next time, when I’ll probably be doing an audio-centric post!


Beautiful Blocky Buildings

Hey everyone,

We’ve been doing a lot behind the scenes recently, but some of the more noticeable things include the addition of background functionality with built-in parallaxing. This is a really cool effect that is easy for us to work with and add to, and makes the game spring to life.

We’ve also begun work on level art and a variety of audio triggers and effects. That’s not quite there yet, but it’s looking and sounding magnificent.

We also added an arrow that appears during charging to show the direction of the dash. This can be toggled in the game settings, which we thought was a good middle ground.

That’s all for now! Look forward to new obstacle types and information on bosses soon!

See you then,


Listen Up

Hey everyone!

We’ve got exciting news that we promised to share, and that news is the addition of a new member to our team.

Introducing Jamie: Jamie is hopping on-board to wrestle control of audio design and implementation away from us (thankfully). He’s going to be really involved in making sure that everything sounds amazing, and is going to help us take the experience to a whole new level.

We’ve spent a lot of the past week working with Jamie to integrate our project (which is in GameMaker) with WWise, an incredibly powerful audio middleware tool. This has been really challenging to do, as the only existing plugin to link GameMaker with WWise was one called GMWWise that was last updated in 2012.

Thankfully, I’ve managed to upgrade the plugin to the latest stable version of WWise, and I’ve fixed some unpleasant bugs with it (and even made some upgrades!). At this point, it seems like smooth sailing, which is really exciting for us.

You’ll definitely be hearing more and more about the game’s audio as time goes on, so look forward to that. You’ll also be seeing the start of actual level art, because we finally completed Amber’s massive spritesheet.

Exciting times are ahead!
See you soon,


Pressing On

Hey everyone!

The past little while we’ve been hard at work content creating, cleaning some things up, and putting together some systems for things that we’ll need fairly soon. A lot of it is somewhat boring to talk about, so instead you can have an action-packed gif:


There’re a lot of things that we’ve put into the game that we haven’t talked much about, but you’ll be able to see them in the gif, and even better in upcoming videos.

We’ve got some exciting things coming down the pipeline, and I can’t wait to tell you about them. One thing that is pretty awesome is that Amber’s spriteset is almost complete. That means that we can move into level art and basically everything else. Say goodbye to those gray backgrounds and gray squares!
That’s all for now! See you soon.