Blood Moon

Hey there!

If you’ve been keeping up with us on Twitter, you know that we spent this weekend participating in the 33rd Ludum Dare jam. Ludum Dare is a global game jam that challenges individuals or teams to make games over a single weekend. We do it as often as we can and sometimes come up with really crazy stuff.

This time we made a game called Blood Moon. It’s an action-stealth platformer about fleeing from monster hunters that are destroying your home. It’s fairly difficult, and should give you a challenge if you play it through to the end.


If you’re looking to try it out, you can find the download link and any other information here:

If you give it a shot, thanks so much! Let us know what you think of it, good or bad.

See you all soon for more Overclocked news!



Hey everyone!

We’re making good progress into Episode 4 now. Not too much to report at the moment, so have a picture instead!


Just a note: Justin and I are doing the Ludum Dare this weekend. I’ll try to tweet progress every once in a while, so tune in if you’re interested!


Moving Pictures

Hey everyone!

We’ve made a ton of progress recently. The second boss is complete (on the technical side) and we’re pushing on into Episode 3 (which is actually the fourth episode…).

This episode is designed to test the player’s tight quarters capabilities, as well as their capacity to adjust to a new, shielded enemy type. It’s a bit of a change of pace from the previous set of levels, but it’s going to be a fun one!




That’s all for now! I’ll be talking more about some of the levels soon!