It’s too real

Hey everyone!

The past week or so has been devoted to a variety of tasks. These tasks are:

  • Balancing and revising every level in the game so far
    • In some cases, this has meant complete redesigns where levels felt too difficult, or just plain unfair to complete
  • Creating the splash screen -> main menu sequence
    • As of now, the game’s menu is functionally complete, and allows for save file creation, resuming, and deletion
    • New games launch directly into the first cutscene, while resumed games launch to Iris
  • Separating options settings from individual save files
    • At this point, I’d consider the save file system functionally complete
  • Level tiling and Amber animation improvements

There are other small things that we’ve completed as well, but these are the main elements.

Tomorrow, Justin and I return to school, but the intention is to continue creating new levels and content throughout the next few months, while polishing up and testing the initial two episodes for the purposes of ensuring that we’re making Overclocked in a fun and appealing way.

Look back here soon for more level design and art progress! Let’s get this train rolling again.


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