Raining, Pouring

Hey everyone!



We’ve been doing some intensive testing and feedback gathering recently. From this feedback, we’ve reached some conclusions:

– The HUD needs some work [Mostly done]
– Some visuals are confusing
– The intro isn’t working

We’ve put a lot of time into the HUD to ensure that it’s far more streamlined and stage-relevant than it was before. Currently, the only permanent fixture is the stage type and goal. When you kill an enemy, the combo appears (but only for as long as your combo survives). We’ve removed the timer and made it an optional menu-selected fixture, because we noticed it was stressing players out and making them want to go faster than they should have.

That last bit of feedback is a big task to fix. We came to the realization that almost all our players were ignoring important information and getting confused later. To us, this means that we need to spend more time tutorializing, and more time ensuring that the key concepts are being learned, not just seen and forgotten.

We’re using this as an opportunity to re-address the intro altogether and bring in something with a bit more of a hook. There’ll be more on that as it comes, but it will hopefully help pull players into the story and game far faster than “training sequence” will.


Beyond this, I’ve put together a rather handy analytics server/overlay that lets me gather data on player death over the internet. This data is displayed visually on the server, but can also be loaded into Overclocked itself and displayed on the level. What this means is that I can run through any level of my choice and see exactly where people are dying, and to what.

It’s pretty awesome.

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